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Cement silo hose




Open CatalogInexpensive silo hose with good core quality for loading and unloading silo transport vehicles. Pressure hose for conveying highly abrasive media such as cement, gravel, sand, granulate, pellets, etc.
Feature: Long service life due to abrasion-resistant core quality. Especially flexible and therefore easy to handle. Safety against electrostatic charge due to antistatic hose construction and additionally due to an integrated copper strand…


Temperature range: -35°C / +80°C.
Safety factor: 3.15 : 1
Core: NR/SBR/BR, black, smooth, antistatic.
Inlay: Textile inserts wound, copper strand.
Sheathing: SBR, black, fabric insert.
Inscription: Continuous writing tape, Silver: according to customer requirements




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