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Chemical Hose – Resist U UPE-P




Open CatalogUPE-P, the chemical safety hose with insulating and transparent UPE layer. Suitable for the transport of acids, alkalis, salts, organic compounds
(alcohols, esters, ketones etc.) including aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons and oxidising acids according to resistance lists. Resist U has
been used for years with great success in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. The Resist U core has an extremely low coefficient of
friction and good abrasion resistance.
Norm/approval: EN 12115:2011, TRbF 131/2:1992


Note: The temperature of the flow medium must be below its boiling point! Continuous loads in the limit range
impair the service life! Leak test of the cable must be carried out according to EN12115:2011


Temperature range: Core depending on flow medium
up to +100°C, hose flexible up to -35°C, steam cleaning
pressureless up to 130°C / max. 30 min
Safety factor: 4 : 1
Core: UPE, transparent, smooth, insulating
insert: special rubber foil, textile inserts, two
crossed copper strands, galvanized steel wire spiral
Cover: EPDM, black, electrically conductive, abrasion resistant,
weatherproof, fabric impression
Labelling: continuous writing tape, purple/white: “SEMPERIT S
Resist-U Chemie UPE-P” and continuous embossing in relief:
“SEMPERIT S EN 12115 UPE-P SD (DN) PN 16 bar M Quarter/year
TRbF 131/2 “.




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