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Multi-Purpose Hose MP 20 EPDM




Open CatalogHighly flexible multi-purpose hose, with very good resistance to ageing and weathering as well as good abrasion resistance. Suitable for conveying air and water and many chemical products in industry and agriculture (see our resistance list). The high quality EPDM ensures excellent resistance to ozone and weathering. The textile inserts guarantee a very good buckling stability. Safety against electrostatic charge due to electrically conductive hose construction. Resistance
R < 106 Ω (determined according to EN ISO 8031:1997). Note: The temperature of the flow medium must be lower than its boiling point



Temperature range: -40°C / + 95°C short-term up to 110°C Safety factor: 4 : 1
Core: EPDM, black, smooth, electrically conductive
Inlay: Textile inlays corded
Cover: EPDM, black, smooth, electrically conductive, ozone-, weatherproof
Labelling: blue longitudinal stripes, continuous colour signature, white: “SEMPERIT S MP 20-EPDM MULTI PURPOSE PN 20 BAR DN”




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