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Food hoses / food hose

Drinking Water Hose LMW




Open CatalogFlexible quality hose for pressure loads in the food and beverage industry. Special development for drinking water; LMWAqualine® is suitable for drinking water according to DVGW worksheet W270 and KTW (Cat.A), tested on the hose and thus approved and certified as a product. This hose is hygienic and microbiologically safe. Kink-resistant and robust with low weight. Odourless and tasteless. High temperature resistance. Norm/approval: KTW (Cat. A), DVGW W270, VP549.
Note: Drinking water hoses must be cleaned and rinsed before initial use. Very good resistance to many aggressive
Detergent. Not suitable for dry conveying


Temperature range: -35°C / +95°C. For
Drinking water up to +40°C Steam cleaning with
max. 130°C / 30 min, pressureless
Safety factor: 3.15 : 1
Core: UPE, transparent, smooth, food safe,
grease resistant, suitable for drinking water Interfacing: Textile interfacing wound
Cover: EPDM, blue, abrasion resistant, conditionally oil and
grease resistant, fabric impression
Labelling: continuous writing band, white:
“SEMPERIT S LMW-AQUALINE® Drinking water PN 20 bar KTW A, DVGW-W270, VP549, DVGW DW 0309CN0086”




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