Take advantage of our many years of experience


Since the beginning of 1999, HST-Hanseat Schlauchtechnik has stood for high quality and individual solutions in the field of rubber, hoses, pvc hoses, and fittings.


Hanseat Schlauchtechnik has grown continuously since the Company was founded in the Papenreye area of Hamburg and had to relocate to the Hasselbinnen, Schenefeld in the year 2001. Due to the continually increasing order volume and a shortage of storage capacity, it was decided to relocate to the current location in the Kadener Straße, Alveslohe.


The product range of Hanseat Schlauchtechnik is broad and provides industrial hoses for water, chemicals and mineral oils; it includes pneumatic hoses and equipment for abrasive applications. The hose production for abrasive applications has grown into the company’s core competence since its founding years. No matter if the need is for rolled goods, pre-fabricated lengths, or any type of assemblies, your wishes and requirements are our command.


In the early part of the 2000s, Semperflex (the Semperit AG Holding) has worked intensively with us over the course of a year on developing and producing a concrete transport hose that could handle the essential requirements of the construction industry. This development project resulted in our ability to accommodate large-scale construction sites and suppliers in Europe, as well as on the worldwide market.


The requirements placed on concrete pump hoses have over the years become much more stringent as a result of technical developments and larger construction projects. Today’s demands are greater widths, heights and quantities with higher pressure resistance than just a few years ago. We didn’t miss this development and our hose and fittings production has been adapted and continuously improved up to its current state. Constant updates, market-oriented and according to standards, are our highest priority.


A long service life for hoses and safety for the users have always been in the foreground of all our considerations. Our concrete pump hose meets statutory requirements with an operating pressure of 85 bar and 170 bar burst pressure and guarantees your safety in day-to-day use. Our special production can however also supply lay lengths of hoses with 100 bar operating pressure and 200 bar burst pressure upon request.


Our know-how has been steadily improved over the years, especially in the areas of matching hose crimping, and we are therefore able to find a proper solution for any requested application.
For example, we are in a position to crimp-fasten not only concrete hoses with standard Victaulic fittings, but can supply them for high-pressure applications with fixed-flange fittings such as the PN 100 or the NPT male threading.


In addition, we can equip the hose ends with a simple or double kink protection spiral or strip them before crimping them with surface-hardened hose couplings so that smooth continuity is created, avoiding blockages during pumping.


Another feature that makes Hanseat Schlauchtechnik stand out above the rest is flexibility. It is our goal to be able to meet your individual wishes, to find quick solution approaches for planned projects and if at all possible, to guarantee a fast delivery.


Do you need hoses and fittings for your most diverse applications? Then take advantage of our many years of experience.



Who we are

A team of experienced and motivated hose professionals


What we can do

Tubes & hoses for ALL applications such as e.g.


  • Concrete | e.g. truck-mounted concrete pumps
  • Abrasive media | e.g. mortar & screed pumps
  • Water | e.g. groundwater lowering / dewatering
  • Air | e.g. compressors
  • Spare and wear parts | e.g. truck-mounted concrete pumps