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Steam hose with steel wire inserts – DS1


Dampf- Heisswasser Schläuche


Open CatalogSuitable for conveying saturated steam and hot water. Feature: electrically conductive: resistance R<106 Ohm. Successfully tested and used many times in the chemical industry. Norm/approval: EN ISO 6134:2005 type 2, class A; (replaces: DIN 2825:1994). The hose is in accordance with DIN 2825:1994, which has been replaced by EN ISO 6134:2005. Note: Superheated steam considerably reduces the service life of the hose! Please refer to our saturated steam table.


Temperature range: +210°C (saturated steam),
+120°C (hot water)
Safety factor: steam 10 : 1, water 3.15 : 1
Core: EPDM, black, smooth, electrically conductive
Insert: steel wire inserts braided, galvanized
Cover: EPDM, black, electrically conductive, fabric patterned Marking: continuous writing band, red: “SEMPERIT S DS1 Sa-turated Steam 210°C Sempersteam PN 18 bar R < 106 Ohm” as well as opposite, red embossing according to EN ISO 6134 (for EN dimensions).




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