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Tank Hose with spiral,
according to EN 12115 – TM1




Open CatalogRobust suction and pressure hose, ideal for loading and unloading of tanks, tank trucks and ships with unleaded fuels (EN228:2008) with an oxygen limit according to EEC 85/536 and an aromatic content up to 50%. Suitable for technical oils, diesel oils (EN 590:2010), heating oils (DIN 51 603 part 1 – 5), hydraulic oils based on mineral oil. Also suitable for applications according to EN 12115 in the petrochemical industry. This hose complies with the Technical Rules for Flammable Liquids (TRbF) 131/2:1992.
Norm/approval: EN 1761:1999, EN 12115:2011

Note: To ensure the tightness of the line, tests must be carried out according to EN 12115:2011.



Temperature range: -30°C / +90°C
Safety: 4:1
Core: NBR, black, smooth, electrically conductive
Interfacing: Textile inserts braided (NW > 3 inch wound),
two crossed copper strands, galvanized steel wire spiral Ceiling: CR, black, electrically conductive, abrasion resistant, oil and
weatherproof, fabric impression
Marking: continuous writing band, yellow: Mineral oil/Oil Tank-meister® 1 SD PN 16 bar R < 106 Ohm” and
continuous raised embossing according to EN 1761:1999 and EN 12115:2011 Ω / T.




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