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Hose fittings




Open CatalogHose fittings belong to the category hose couplings. They are used to make quickly detachable connections between hoses or for connecting equipment.
Hose couplings are generally designed for liquids and gases and are suitable for polyamide hoses (PA), polyethylene hoses (PE), PTFE hoses (Teflon) hoses made of polyurethane (PU), as well as for PVC fabric hoses.


The outer and inner diameter of the used hose is important for the selection of the right connector. There are two types of threads. On the one hand threads: G = DIN ISO 228 / BSP and on the other hand 2999 = DIN 2999 / BSPT.
The following hose fittings are available in brass, stainless steel and aluminium.





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