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PVC hose, standard


PVC hose






Open CatalogTransparent PVC hose with embedded steel spiral for simple applications in groundwater lowering, general dewatering, agriculture and many more. Also available directly assembled ready for use with all common coupling systems such as e.g. STORZ & Perrot.


Operating pressure / burst pressure: 2 to 7 bar depending on dimension
Temperature range: -5°C / +60°C
Construction: transparent PVC hose with embedded steel spiral, galvanised
Properties: highly flexible and kink-resistant
Vacuum: 0.6 to 0.8 bar depending on dimension
Roll length: 30.00 mtr. or 50.00 mtr.

4035.050000 DN 50
4035.075000 DN 75
4035.100000 DN 100
4035.152000 DN 150


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