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Alternative concrete delivery hoses:

Concrete pump flat hose




The concrete flat hose is suitable as end hose on the mast. This hose is very thin-walled and therefore very easy to handle when filling e.g. wall formworks. Made of polyether-polyurethane and therefore highly abrasion resistant. Mono-extruded version for optimum adhesion of the material and low longitudinal elongation. The big advantage of this hose compared to the usual concrete pump hose is its weight at the same operating pressure. It is about 2/3 lighter than a conventional concrete pump hose.
Apart from its striking orange safety colour, the hose also complies with the safety guidelines according to ASME B30.27 2008.


Temperature range: -35ºC / + 70ºC
Safety factor: 2 : 1
Core: TPU, orange
Interlinings: textile
Cover: TPU, orange
Identification: Mandals Mortar 102 ID1233PSI/86Bar W.P. 1.16 LBS./FT Meets/Exceeds Asme B30.27 2009 UH27



Concrete pump accessories

Reduction tubes


Suitable for the reduction of different sizes of pipes or hoses.
Material: ST 52, painted, wall thickness: 7 mm, operating pressure: 85 bar


Sponge pig


For the cleaning of hoses and pipes. Material: sponge rubber; colour: orange.


Hose safety rope (safety rope)


This sturdy steel cable prevents uncontrolled whipping of the hose in the event of a failure of the hose connection, thus preventing injuries to per-sons and damage to property. The hose safety rope secures the fitting and allows the hose line to be used without risk. The fitting can be retrofitted without much effort by opening the eyelet.

The tensile strength is 1150 kg. A hose safety rope consists of two double wire rope loops separated in the middle by pressed sleeves. Each of these is fitted with reinforced springs with a sliding element directed towards the free end, which abut the compressions towards the middle.




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