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We also coat individually according to the customer’s wishes (different colours possible).

Victaulic clutch hydraulically pressed.



Concrete pump hoses




A specially developed hose for the industrial delivery of concrete using concrete pumps. Suitable for conveying highly abrasive media such as
concrete, cement and mortar. Long service life due to abrasion-resistant core. Flexible and easy to handle with high kink resistance due to a
special hose design. Easy cleaning by pumping back. Note: The hose complies with EN 12001:2010. Pressed lines on request.



Textile concrete pump hose




Suitable for concrete up to 16 mm grain size. Textile-reinforced concrete hose approx. 20% lighter than conventional steel hoses with six inserts according to EN 12001. Dimensionally stable and good kink resistance. On request, the hoses can be supplied with hydraulically pressed HD fittings (peeled version) and pressure tested at 120 bar.

















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